My Story


I started making cold process soap about 12 years ago. For my birthday one year, a friend of mine gave me some handmade soap. It was lovely to use and smelled awesome! I found out that she had taken a class on soap making and was making her own soap.  At that moment, I decided I should give it a try, so I signed up for a few classes and my soap making endeavours began.

I made soap for my family periodically throughout the years, but never consistently. In 2013, a co-worker gave me handmade soap as a Christmas gift.  My husband used the soap and asked me why I didn't make soap anymore. He told me that he always loved the soap I made a lot more than any he had tried. One of my gifts from my husband that same Christmas was a gift certificate to a local soap making supplier.

My kids were getting older (and driving themselves everywhere they needed to go) and I found I had a bit more free time.  I decided I would start making soap again! With my gift certificate in hand, I headed to the soap supplier, with plans of signing up for a refresher class.  As luck would have it, there was a class that weekend (fate?). After the first beginner's class, I signed up for a more advanced class, as well as spent countless hours researching thousands of ingredients and supplies. My soap making addiction began! I quickly learned that natural products can create beautiful soap that not only smells gorgeous, but also has multiple benefits for your skin. Using plants, flowers, and minerals, instead of harmful chemical additives, ensures that the end product is safe, gentle and pure. 

Making soap

Over the past few years, I’ve continued to make soap and have discovered that I love making soap!  When creating handmade soap, part of the fun is sharing it with family and friends to see what they think.  Most people I have given soap to ask me, "Do you sell your soap?" So, even though I started off by making something for use in our own home, I started to think about selling my soap. With the support and encouragement of my husband and kids, I’ve expanded my work into a small business. Now I can share my products not only with friends and family, but with anyone who is interested in discovering the benefits and enjoyment of using LASTING LATHER Handcrafted Soap Co.'s handmade soap.

Cheers, Deana